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Running a business can sometimes become insular.
There are always internal issues to deal with, issues that are very particular to your own business - and totally absorbing. Without realising it, you can sometimes end up only looking inwards.  When that happens and a completely new and unprecedented problem emerges, it can be quite confronting because you might lack an external "sounding board" to help you tackle the challenge.
At the Denmark Co-op we have found the  Denmark Chamber to be of very real assistance in breaking down that sense of isolation. It has lent an interested, intelligent and business-friendly ear to our recent concerns. From this, it has developed an approach that addresses the wider strategic issue that affects all Denmark businesses and become actively involved in seeking a solution. A mixture of firm but tempered advocacy with thoughtful mediation is proving very beneficial.
The Denmark Co-op very much welcomes the Denmark Chamber's increasingly proactive role within the business community, as it starts to develop a stronger sense of network amongst and between the members of that community.
(Chris Langslow, CEO, Denmark Co-Op)
Testimonial ~ The Word Farm
The information you gave me in this initial meeting was already well and truly worth the $120 annual membership fee for the Denmark Chamber of Commerce.  (Ingrid Jansen-Neeling: The Word Farm)

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