Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning – by Chamber of Commerce & Industry Western Australia.

Every business can experience an event that may prevent it from continuing normal business operations, and this can happen at any time. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning are processes that help organisations prepare for disruptive events – whether those events are a natural disaster, a power outage or an outbreak of influenza that decimates staffing numbers. A disruptive event can befall a whole community or a business, large or small. Even those organisations not directly associated with these events can suffer significant disruption to their operations and financial hardship due to collateral effects such as disruption of supply chain or retraction of a customer base.

Planning for business continuity increases our preparedness for emergencies and builds resilience.  Planning can make the difference between business survival or failure following an event.



This CCIWA workbook provides businesses with a step by step process for development of a business continuity plan. It covers the principles of business continuity planning that can be applied to any threat or disruptive event for your business.

Also, please look at this 5 minute fire chat from DFES and now is a great time to double check your business insurance needs to ensure you are fully covered for a disruptive event.



























Author: Caren Blair