Denmark Visitor Centre Volunteers

The Denmark Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be offering a temporary visitor service at the Denmark Visitor Centre until 31st August 2021.

Denmark Visitor Centre Volunteer Information

Volunteers currently work two hour shifts when they are available. Full training and support is provided, with the aim to create a fun and fulfilling experience for our volunteers

The service operates at 73 South Coast Highway, Tuesday to Satyrday from 10am – 2pm. 

Tea and Training Sessions

Tea and Training sessions are a fantastic way for our volunteers to learn local up-to-date knowledge about natural attractions and services in the surrounding area. These sessions are videotaped and made available to those not able to attend as well as future training tools for new volunteers.


Our first session was with special guest Kym, a local ranger from the local Department of Wildlife Services,  who shared with us her expertise of this area.

The following training sessions have included:

  • Morning tea at the Recollections of War – a family owned museum in Youngs Siding
  • Bev from the Denmark Historical Museum
  • Helen and Cheree from the Valley of the Giants
  • Sonia from Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions in the Warren Region presenting “Insight into Indigenous Cultural Sites in the Great Southern”
  • Evening guided tour at the Valley of the Giants with Helen

The regular training sessions not only give the volunteers the knowledge and experiences they need to be ambassadors for Denmark, but also give a great opportunity for team building and camaraderie.

Meet Volunteer Superhero – Jessie MacIver

Jessie has lived in Denmark for 30 years and enjoys volunteering at the visitor Centre because of her interactions with the visitors, the other Vollies.

Her favourite place in the Great Southern is Shelley Beach (West Cape Howe).

Her happiest place in life is here in Denmark, walking with groups and friends and being outdoors in the environment and being with people.

Meet Volunteer Superhero – Georgie Plunket

Georgie has lived in Denmark for just 1 year and enjoys meeting people when she is volunteering at the Visitor Centre.

Her favorite place in the Great Southern is Monkey Rock and she is at her happiest when she is at Lights Beach.


Meet Volunteer Superhero – Richard DeKleer

Richard has lived in Denmark for just 8 months so loves to volunteer to have contact with visitors, other Vollies.

His favorite place in the Great Southern is the Wetlands Centre and he is at his happiest when when he is wandering through the bush or sailing on the ocean.


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1/81 Strickland St, Denmark WA 6333

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9am - 3pm Monday to Friday