Discover Denmark’s Local Artists

Denmark is renowned for its many diverse artists. Here we give you a small glimpse into a few visual artists and set you up for a day of discovering a diverse range of artists and galleries. The perfect outing for a rainy day!  Click on the links to find location maps and more information including social media links.

We suggest you start in town at The Riverfront Gallery because Tea House Books is right next door so you can have your coffee before you start!  

The Riverfront Gallery is a unique rustic gallery in the heart of town, showcasing many talented local and Great Southern Artists. Here you will find a creative collection of original and handmade gift lines including glass art, colourful resin homewares, jewellery, timber tables, woodwork, unique wool and silk wraps, scarves, bags and greeting cards.

10am to 4 pm 7 days   8 Hollings Rd    0408 439 781


A short walk around the block you will find the Butter Factory Studios & Gallery on Mount Shadforth Road, just around the corner from the Supa IGA. This is an artist run cooperative and creative hub. It is a very dynamic space with a contemporary fine art gallery, a gift shop, and you may find artists at work in the open studios.

10am to 4pm every day except Tuesday     10-12 Mount Shadforth Road    047621929


Continue 2.5km up Mount Shadforth Road to discover the peaceful, calm atmosphere of Carol Ann O’Connor’s Sisters of Eve Studio/Gallery. Here you will be encouraged to take your time and relax in the gentle energies of the gallery enjoying the large collection of highly detailed, multi-media paintings celebrating our connection to the Earth we live on and, the life within us. Each painting takes several hundred hours to complete and are surrounded by their own individual, hand-decorated frame. Artist Carol Ann O’Connor works at her easel in the gallery, so you can view works in progress.

Open every day except Tuesday    251 Mount Shadforth Rd     0419 346 232


The next gallery is a little out of Denmark but well worth the 33km drive! Torbay Glass Studio & Gallery is in Cronkup, right next to West Cape Howe Nation Park, so head out on South Coast Highway towards Albany.

For 26 years Mark Hewson and Paris Johansen have been designing and creating  individual glass works in  the studio workshop, located above the gallery. Customers are encouraged to visit the studio to see examples of the different glass-working techniques. If they desire, they are welcome to consult on, or design their own glass works.

The gallery is the perfect place to find a unique gift, displaying a showcase of kiln formed glass art pieces. The designs and concepts used are their own, and each piece is hand-crafted, so every item is unique. Mark and Paris enjoy pushing the boundaries to see how far it is possible to stretch glass into different shapes. They continue to experiment to see how glass performs when melted, and to extend their abilities, resulting in a wide range of artefacts. These include bowls, platters, wall art, water features and other sculptural pieces, from very small to huge!

10 am to 4pm Thursday to Sunday (Phone if you want to be sure that the gallery will be open when you visit)    Coombes Rd Kronkup   9845 1130 or 0400 984 513



Author: Caren Blair