November BAH

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

The strength of collaboration was celebrated at the November Business After Hours with a group of businesses working together to promote their local area. The long awaited Valley of the Giants Food and Wine trail was launched at the event which was hosted by the Nornabar in Nornalup. Guests were treated to Peaceful Bay Fish and Chips,Magic Marron,  Tingles Bakehouse cakes and wines from Moombaki and Valley of the Giants Wines.

The Nornabar reputation has been growing since David and Victoria Higgins opened the restaurant two decades ago. They are well known for the high quality food produced by their Sri Lankan chefs using local produce. David spoke of how they have seen the area grow in popularity with an increased number of tour groups, walkers and cyclists passing through the town from interstate and overseas. As David said the future looks good with people paying attention to the area.

Lenore Lyons from the Great Southern Centre for Outdoor Recreation Excellence (GS Core) will be developing 50 -70 km of paddle trails in the Nornalup area as part of a 10 year program of trail infrastructure.  Following a series of workshops held by GS Core this turned out to be the number one priority for the entire region. These paddle trails will be a diverse mix to suit all levels from beginner to adventure paddler with the Nornalup area destined to become a premier destination for wilderness paddling.

Peter Grigg from the Amazing South Coast encouraged local businesses to work together and share ideas. The Amazing South Coast can help with packaging products together. Kim Gardner from Tree Elle Retreat and Rosie Smith from Dirty Feet Tours have collaborated together with the Amazing South Coast and have produced a joint product that includes accommodation at Tree Elle, a tour with Dirty Feet Tours, car hire and flights. This can all be booked at a click of a button from anywhere in the world. The Amazing South Coast have access to special airfare rates and would love to work with groups of businesses and Peter encouraged tourist operators to get in touch with him. Peter said “the authenticity of the area is what it is all about, real fish, real fisherman and real stories. Its about the betterment of the experience to our travelers.”




Ryan and Katrina Phillips

Ryan Smith, Peter Grigg and Illya Cenin


David and Victoria Higgins


Author: Chamber Admin