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Denmark WA is a safe and friendly town and sometimes opportunistic burglars take advantage of the relaxed lifestyle we enjoy as in the case from January. To better protect your businesses, Denmark Chamber welcomed First Class Constable Julz Carter from the Denmark Police Station to provide her top tips to enhancing your business protection:

  • Deadlocks – What kind of locking system do you have on your doors? Specifically if you have a deadlock that flicks inside, Julz advisers to update this system to one that is not so easy for burglars to unlock.
  • CCTV – There are inexpensive systems available and maybe you only need one aiming at the front door. Learn how to use your CCTV system, its much quicker to catch a robber if you can provide the footage!
  • Lighting – Light up your business after hours. This allows patrolling police and passers-by to see into your business, see that its being robbed, see the face of the burglar and also for burglars to see that nothing is worth braking and entering for!

CCTV Awareness

Functioning and distributed around Denmark, there are CCTV cameras on Strickland St, the McLean Oval Precinct, the REC Centre, Depo ane the Tip, all owned by the Shire. In addition, there are many more operated by private business, have a look around next time you are in town.


July Upgrade Special – Thornton’s Mitre 10

For the month of July, DCC is partnering with Thornton’s Mitre 10 to offer member’s specials on quotes, materials and installation to upgrade your business security system. Deadbolts, locks, affordable CCTV systems, flyscreen doors and much more. Contact Rob today at (08) 9848 1202 to set up your July security upgrade.

Additional Resources:

Denmark Business Security Checklist provided by First Class Constable Julz Carter

WA Police Force website Protect my Business for more tips for security.

Video interview with Julz Carter




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