Hello from our new CEO!

The Denmark Chamber of Commerce has kicked off the new year with our new CEO Sumer Addy at the helm. 

” Allow me to introduce myself; I have lived in Denmark for six years. My formal training is in modern dance and sport psychology, however, I have worn many hats in Denmark. From marketing/promotions to childcare chairperson to small business owner. I feel very strongly about doing as much as I can in my community to help individuals,  businesses and groups be the absolute best they can be.

As I begin to fill the incredibly large shoes of my predecessors, I look to you, our business community members to help me integrate into my new role. The door is open, all are welcome to drop in and say hi or call to set up a meeting. 

 I am grateful for this incredible opportunity to serve you.” 

Sumer 🙂

One of Sumers first visitors, was Leon Delpech from Fathom Co (https://fathomco.org/

Sumer can be contacted by email Manager@denmarkchamber.com.au phone 9848 2065 or pop in to our office at 1/81 Strickland St.

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DCC CEO Sumer Addy with Leon Delpech from Fathom Co


















Author: Caren Blair