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Harewood forest

The harewood forest trail takes you through the history of Denmark. 12kms from the town centre is is a parking area on the right side of the road, cross the footbridge and take a left to read through the Millar’s timber heritage. Walk through the lush karri trees and keep an eye out for fungi species that appear during the wet season! This walk is dog friendly.


Grade 3

Mokare Heritage Trail

This trail is a MUST for the whole family and has more than meets the eye.  Walk through the karri trees, wildflowers, forest views and enjoy the sounds of local wildlife. The Mokare trail also has some notable residents – the local faries! You can find 23 fairy homes scattered along the river. Pick up your fairy door map from the Denmark Visitor Centre to find them all!


Grade 1

Little river walk

If you’re an avid birdwatcher – this is the trail for you. This trail is a section of the Bibbulmun track that runs along the Nullaki (Wilson Inlet) West of the Poison Point lookout. On this trail, you will find seasonal wildflowers, unique tree and rock formations, and of course lots of local birds! This trail does go through some wetlands – be sure to bring your boots during the wetter seasons. This is a dog-friendly trail.

6.1km return

Grade 2

Sheila Hill trail

The Sheila Hill Trail is a challenging 1 to 3-hour Journey through several small Denmark landmarks and is one of the smaller trails that the Bibbulmun track crosses through. Follow the yellow signs from Shelia Hill carpark until you reach the signed crossing and you’ll be on your way to seeing extensive views from the Summit of Mount Hallowell. This walk is dog friendly but beware of sharp and slippery rocks.

4.6kms one-way

Grade 4

Wow trail

The Wilderness Ocean Walk, also known as the ‘WOW’ trail is one of Denmark’s longer day walks and is considered a more challenging route. This trail is perfect for both hikers and bikers as most of the path is sealed with the exception of a couple of sections of gravel. The WOW trail takes you from Ocean Beach, through the wind farm, and provides stunning views all the way to the end at Lights Beach. This is a dog friendly trail.

6.2kms one-way

Grade 3

Monkey rock

Monkey Rock is a shorter walk part of the Sheila Hill trail coming off of Lights Beach. This 45-minute return is a steep climb to the granite outcrop. When you have reached the top,  scramble up the rock face to experience one of the best views in Denmark. Monkey rock has anchors on the West, South, and East face for experienced rock climbers. Beware of slippery mud and rocks during the wet seasons.

1.6kms one-way

Grade 3

Nornalup rail trail

The Nornalup rail trail is a homage to Denmark’s history and can be done in sections or one whole trip. Despite the trail’s full length,  it is suitable for most fitness and has wheelchair accessibility from the Denmark Rivermouth and along the Wilson Inlet. The trail is a multi-use for walkers, cyclists, and horse riders. Please take caution and respect other trail users.

68kms one-way

Grade 1

Wilson inlet heritage trail

The Wilson Inlet Heritage trail is a soothing trail with various scenery and a beautiful view of the Nullaki (Wilson Inlet). The Heritage trail connects up with several other trails in the area such as the Mokare trail, Nornalup Rail Trail, Bibbulmun Track, and the Munda Biddi. The trail ends when you reach South Coast Hwy, but continues on as the Munda Biddi track through Hay River and beyond.

12kms return

Grade 2

Munda Biddi trail

Similar to the infamous Bibbulmun track (listed below), the Visitor Centre provides a small number of resources to Munda Biddi track riders. While the traditional track heads through William Bay and up through Ocean Beach Road, some riders choose to go through the Nornalup rail trail and connect back to the original path at the Wilson Inlet Heritage Trail.

For more information about riding the Munda Biddi, visit

Bibbulmun track

The Denmark Visitor Centre is proud to be part of and support the Bibbulmun Track Foundation. The centre currently provides the log books for walkers as well as maps and other track resources. Walkers are welcome to send their supply drops to the centre for pick up.

If you’re thinking about walking the track, visit

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