Printed Directory

2023 Printed Business Directory

4500 copies printed and distributed annually

Our mission is to connect and advocate your business in the Denmark region and beyond.

Terms and Conditions

Artwork Specifications

  • All artwork to be supplied digitally as a PDF.
  • Files MUST be high resolution 300dpi and be in CMYK colour format.
  • Please note, do not include RGB or Spot colours as we will not accept responsibility for colours appearing differently to on-screen.
  • Please request our printers colour profile and paper stock for your graphic designer to ensure the correct colours are used.
  • Please ensure a (minimum) 1pt border or full colour background is added to your design. If you do not include a border, one will be added to your advert if required by our graphic designer.
  • All adverts must be cropped to your final advert size – No bleed or crop marks required. Please do not provide your artwork on a white page.
  • We recommend all type to be a minimum of 9pt size. Please print a copy of your advert at 100% scale to ensure your type is readable.
  • We have a list of graphic designers in Denmark available if you need help.
  • The Denmark Chamber of Commerce WILL NOT ACCEPT responsibility for printing errors if your artwork is not supplied according to the above specifications.
  • If we cannot contact you to confirm your artwork is correct by the due deadline, it will go to print with no compensation.

Directory Layout Information

  • Adverts are arranged by size and then alphabetically by registered business name. Final placement is at the discretion of the Denmark Chamber of Commerce.
  • Categories may be split over several pages – we aim to ensure each category is on one page however cannot guarantee your position on a page, or within a category
  • Articles and Denmark Chamber advertising may be placed on any page.
  • A copy of your advert will be kept on file by the Denmark Chamber of Commerce and may be used at our discretion at a later date for future promotional purchases.
  • On payment for your advertising in the Denmark Chamber of Commerce Business, it is taken that you accept the terms and conditions listed above and give the Chamber of Commerce approval to reproduce your artwork in other forms of promotion associated with your business.
  • The Chamber of Commerce takes no responsibility or offers compensation for printing errors due to your artwork not being supplied according to the above specifications or if we are unable to contact you by the due date.

**Early Bird Discount of 10% on advertising only

if paid before 17th June 2022** 

Final deadline for artwork to be paid for and submitted: 3rd Aug 2022

Cancellations of directory advert after 3rd August 2022 will incur a handling fee of $132