Discover Denmark Visitor Servicing Model

Discover Denmark Visitor Servicing Model

A new approach to visitor servicing in Denmark

The Denmark Chamber of Commerce is proud to present and receive feedback on a new visitor servicing model under the brand name of Discover Denmark.

Visitor Servicing vs. Destination Marketing

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Visitor Servicing – A New Era

Visitor servicing is in a new era of technological advancement and engagement.  Visitors no longer go to a central counter for advice, reference or booking assistance.  This recognition of the independent and well-resourced visitor shifts the way we think about what the visitor needs.

Most importantly, on arrival they want to connect with the locals – to hear local stories and inside knowledge about the community which they are visiting.  This type of information dissemination offers local operators, employees, volunteers and community members an opportunity to act as advocates for the businesses they live and work alongside every day, as well as to share experiences and adventures with visitors.

Discover Denmark – A Proposed Visitor Servicing Model 

Discover Denmark looks to support and enhance the visitor servicing that is already happening in our local business community through acknowledgement, advocacy and training.

It includes a Discover Denmark Tourism Ambassador Program and multiple opportunities to advertise and showcase local businesses and attractions through online and printed services as well as Events and Campaigns that will be available for all those in the tourism sector.

Discover Denmark will build on Denmark’s uniqueness and creativity by sharing information and knowledge from the community itself.

Why Denmark Chamber of Commerce?

  1. DCC has a proven history of being a stable sustainable not-for-profit organisation.
  2. DCC is lead by a committee that is comprised of knowledgeable industry leaders as well as extremely passionate motivated staff with the mission to empower, connect and advocate for business across the Denmark region.
  3. DCC has a strong supportive membership base and a reputation of having one of the largest amount of membership for the size of the community.
  4. DCC has a positive and proactive relationship with local and regional government as well as many tourism partners.
  5. DCC membership views and opinions matter and are critical to the organisation’s success.

Please Join Us At The Following Information Sessions

Space is limited, so please RSVP to reserve your space

Discover Denmark Information Session: DCC Members

21st July, 6:00pm

Denmark Community Resource Centre

Discover Denmark Information Session: Industry/Public

23rd July, 6:00pm

Denmark Community Resource Centre